OCT 7, 2018
The Boardwalk at 31st Street
To Benefit ALS Research & JT's Camp Grom

Bruce Thompson

Welcome to Bruce Thompson team.
Dear Friends, A little over ten years ago I was sitting in the Doctor’s office at Johns Hopkins with my son Josh and was devastated when the Doctors delivered Josh’s ALS diagnosis. I never thought at that time, that ten years later he would still be with us taking care of his family and leading one of the most successful charity events ever in this region. Josh truly is the most courageous person I have ever known. His fight for survival is fueled by his love of his wife and two young boys and HOPE that the numerous institutions, doctors and researchers the J.T. Walk supports will find a cure to this horrific disease. He is also fortified in knowing that he has inspired the Virginia Gentlemen and thousands of persons through his annual walk to raise money for quality of life initiatives for both children with disabilities, wounded warriors and all that have been afflicted with one of the disabling neurological diseases similar to ALS. The J.T. Walk is a tremendous accomplishment if only for building the first ever fully accessible beach park and playground on a public beach in Virginia Beach. There is also the success designing, building and contributing to the CHKD a “one of a kind” kid friendly neonatal ambulance for the hospital to utilize in transporting sick children. Now adding to these other contributions is completing the development of a 70 acre, 15 million dollar adventure camp for wounded warriors, our Gold Star families and children with disabilities. Coupled with over 3 million dollars raised for Stem Cell research, the J.T. Walk clearly has been successful in achieving its goal in providing awareness of the need and benefit of Stem Cell Research and providing quality of life for those challenged daily by disease of disability. The successes of the J.T. walk have given Josh a tremendous sense of purpose. To say I am grateful for the love and support offered to my son in his daily battle for dignity and purpose would be an understatement of unimaginable proportion. Each year as funds are delivered to Stem Cell researchers, we learn that we are one step closer to finding a cure. With each letter, we receive from a child or adult with a disability sharing stories of their experience at Grommet Island, we are strengthened in our resolve to “BEAT THOSE DISEASES” and continue to raise funds for research and to build facilities for those far less fortunate than us. This year, Josh and I have Set a Goal to have Camp Grom fully funded and operational by December 31st, 2017 AND to make the single largest gift ever in the history of the J.T. Walk to fund stem cell research for ALS and all neuromuscular diseases. I look forward to the day when your work is done and I do not have to reach out to my family, friends, co-workers and associates for help in my and my son’s battle to find a cure and provide hope for the hopeless and maintain quality of life for those physically and emotionally challenged. Thank you & God Bless! Bruce

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14) Jr. Foundation, The Ramon W. Breeden $1,000.00 $1,000.00 Donate
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30) Thompson, Bruce Team Captain $7,750.00 $7,750.00 Donate
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