OCT 7, 2018
The Boardwalk at 31st Street
To Benefit ALS Research & JT's Camp Grom

VGF - Zack Brandau

Team Donation Goal: $10,000.00 Team Walker Goal: 100
Sponsor Name Donation
Thomas Rutherfoord Foundation $8,000.00
Core Assurance Partners $2,500.00
Friends of JT $0.00

To Join a Team or Support a Walker of that Team click on the TEAM NAME below:
Click a Captain to Join a Team or Donate # Walkers Promised Received
Ashley Whited 4 $750.00 $750.00
Beecroft & Bull 6 $450.00 $450.00
MMA - Brian Giblin 7 $575.00 $575.00
Russell & Rapoport 29 $6,258.65 $6,058.65
Zack Brandau 5 $950.00 $950.00

Sponsor Total: $10,500
Grand Total: $19,483
Total Walkers: 51

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Friends of J.T.

Support the JT Walk with a $1,000 contribution and you will be included in special recognition areas for our projects!
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Sponsor Name Donation
Total: $0.00

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